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In northern Arizona, there are canyons carved by wind and water in the Navajo sandstone, that are so narrow, they are hard to walk through. These "slot" canyons are worlds unto themselves. The most impressive of all of these Slot Canyons is by far and away Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. A tributary of the Colorado River, and now Lake Powell, Antelope canyon runs south to north, near Page, Arizona. When I first ventured into these slot canyons in 1992 they were relatively new on the tourist schedule. Now, it is rare to get a time when you are in there with less than twenty other photographers. It is still an amazing location and one that I will return to again and again, just not on weekends or in prime tourist season. There are other lesser known canyons along Lake Powell accessible only by boat or a long hike that may provide the solitude photographers so often seek.. The Grand Daddy of all of these canyons as far as depth and length is the Buckskin Gulch. This canyon is a tributary of the Paria River and is located in Northern Arizona, near the Coyote Buttes Wilderness Area. I suggest at least two days to explore the "gulch". An overnight stay at the Confluence of the Paria River and the Buckskin Gulch can be a mystical experience.